I’m Back! Where I’ve Been and What God Has Been Teaching Me


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Hello, hello! Oh this has been a crazy crazy school year. I am now on summer break and will head into my SENIOR (that’s right SENIOR) year of college in the fall. WHERE DID COLLEGE GO? More importantly, where did this year go!? Grab some popcorn because God has been learnin’ me a thing or two even in my bloggerly absence. I’m about to share some things God has taught me since I last posted.

1. Community is one of the most crucial things in our walks as Christians.

One thing I have desired probably since middle school (so about 8 or 9 years) was someone to one-on-one disciple me. I had strongly desired someone to pour into just me. I have this terrible habit of feeling like I’ll just be too much so I clam up a lot during group discussion times. Those of you that know me personally are probably like “LOL but Marisa you talk a lot” and I do. I can answer a question no problem but when it comes to being vulnerable, I clam up. I also am incredibly long winded anyways (in case no one’s noticed thus far) so I’m always scared of taking too long to answer a question. If I had a one on one interaction I would (within reason) have time to verbally process without feeling so silly. I was waiting for this to fall into my lap for the most part. Desiring it with an ache in my heart but I had absolutely no idea how ask or if it was appropriate for me to ask or most importantly who to ask.

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Why You Should Practice Contentment in Your Singleness



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The past year or so, for whatever reason, my singleness has reared its ugly head in a big flashing neon sign. I honestly don’t know why now. Maybe because in the last year I’ve had more friends get engaged or in relationships or yes even both and that has left me discouraged and thinking to God “What about me?” and the obvious answer is: It’s not God’s time for that yet. Okay yes that’s a concept I can grasp. But we aren’t meant to sit on our hands and wait for that to happen either so what do we do in the meantime? Well the answers to that question usually look like this:

“Be content in your singleness!”

“Fall in love with God first, then he’ll give you a man!”

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Why I Stopped Reading “Jesus Calling”


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**Disclaimer: This post isn’t meant to incite rage or tell anyone they’re wrong, this is my experience and why I stopped reading “Jesus Calling”**

I’m not entirely sure where I first saw it. I remember clicking on it and feeling a little unsettled. This was the first devotional that I had really utilized. That I had made a part of my quiet time, that was even part of the way I started having a consistent quiet time. And now I was seeing how dangerous and problematic it was. Continue reading

Five Fun Fall Things


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**Hi guys so school has been kicking my butt! Here’s to a new post and I promise I’ll be back on my normal posting schedule! Also I’ll be back with more faith based posts soon as well!**

As part of the life aspect on my blog I want to post some lively fun stuff that I enjoy having as part of my life.

Fall is so one of them.

We all have our comfort zone I fully believe that fall is one of them for me. I like my outfit options better the colder the weather and I feel like despite leaves dying and things hibernating, everything still comes alive to me. I feel more literary, I feel more inspired about life. I feel more me. I know that’s silly but here are five things I love doing during fall that I love! Continue reading

Marisa’s Book Corner: Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon


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Marisa is posting on time? What is this? This is Marisa being incredibly excited about the release of the book she has to express all of her feelings. Welcome to Marisa’s Book Corner. It’s a good place to be.

So I have tried and failed at starting a book blog. I thought it would be fun but I was starting it for the wrong reasons and I honestly didn’t start it the way I would have originally like. I, however, really love books. Like Matilda level love of books. I always have and I always will. The idea occurred to me though, I could still do a book review once in a while because this is my blog and I do what I want.

This book was sent to me free for review, all opinions are my own. I’m literally so incredibly excited about this! What’s even better is Tuesday was release day! Happy Book Birthday Gilt Hollow!  Lorie and I have such a sweet friendship and I look up to her a lot so I’m really grateful for this opportunity. Writer friends are awesome! This post is going to be partially a review and partially my reactions with lots of amusing sidebars. Continue reading

My Quiet Time


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So I’ve talked about my prayer journal, I’ve talked about the importance of prayer, and I’ve talked about quiet time in regards to balancing your time with God and school. Now, here is an in depth look at my quiet time from start to finish. It’s not always exactly the same nor does it always happen at the same time but the routine is relatively similar every time. Here are the three tools I use during my quiet time. Continue reading

Balancing God and Schoolwork


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**So sorry that I haven’t post in three weeks. I have started my junior year of college and haven’t had time to polish out posts!**

I am not a master at this, I’m not even in a place where I feel like I should be an authority on this but I feel convicted to write about it, especially with so many people (including myself) starting or already have started school and like me, you probably have already faced the dilemma of procrastinating your quiet time or studying of God’s Word by excusing not doing it because you’re too busy doing schoolwork. OR you’re procrastinating doing homework and you feel guilty if you do anything else so all you do is watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…

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